What We Do

Working In Various Fields

We started Lulo Swimwear with one goal. To give back to the community we grew up in. Sadly poverty is one a dominant problem these communities face today.

We donate as much as we possibly can; but unfortunately, it is not enough. If you would like to help; any donation is welcome and no amount is too small.

HOW DO WE USE YOUR DONATION? We make sure that 100% of YOUR donation is used for essential needs; therefore, we personally bring the essentials such as food, educational material, clothing and/or whatever is crucially needed at the moment.


Children helped in extreme poverty


Breakfasts for children in extremely poor neighborhoods


Christmas Gifts for kids in extreme poverty


Food bags for families in extreme poverty

Lulo Swimwear - Charity Background

Just For a small amount You Can Change Someone's Life!

Any amount helps so that we can make a small change in the lives of these beautiful children.

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